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Responsive Web Design

At Fleave Design, we predicted in 2014 that responsive web design (RWD) is the future of Internet marketing. Our prediction turned out to be accurate, as Google made the official announcement that responsive web design is one of the requirements to boost search result ranking.

This technology allows us to create websites that provide an optimal viewing and interactive experience, with additional features such as easy reading and smooth navigation across all platforms, from desktop computers to mobile devices.

The mobile-friendly interface of responsive web design must not be underestimated. Our design gives you the technological advantages of being easily found on a search page & improve Google ranking.

Responsive Technology

In a nutshell, the use of responsive web design allows a seamless transition of the important details of your website across multiple platforms, reaching your customers through their mobile phones, tablets, laptops and desktop computers. They will have no need to readjust their screens according to the platform they are on, because RWD allows for an automatic adjustment for their ease of viewing.

Endorsed by Google

As mentioned above, Google requires this technology in order to improve the speed of massive data display. What Google does, the world soon follows. By allowing us to design your website, you are already ahead of the competition when it comes to online presence and search ranking.

Visual Guide Technology

Responsive web design allows your customers to load your website quickly and efficiently. Furthermore, with programs to prioritize the info display, the visual guide technology ensures customers view the content according to what we want. We can directly influence customers to see our info thus achieving a higher potential to buy our products & solutions.