Why You Need a Competitive Website for Your Business?

A competitive website can help a business stand out in a crowded online marketplace and achieve its goals of attracting and retaining customers, improving search rankings, and increasing sales and revenue.

Establishing a Professional Image
Attracting and Retaining Customers
Improving Search Engine Rankings
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Increasing Sales and Revenue
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A Competitive Website Start from Professional Copywriting Services

A website should be a powerful tool for you to compete online. What can help you defeat your competitors online and gain the upper hand is “competitive copywriting”, which is conducive to sales and marketing.


Remarketing allows your ads to follow up with your potential customers and recapture their attention. We’re big fans of remarketing because this is one of the best tactics to convert your online users into sales.

Gmail Advertising

These Gmail ads only appear in a user’s Gmail inbox under the “Promotion” tab. We’ve been running Gmail ads for a variety of clients and are able to deliver promising results.

Google Shopping

We’re pretty sure not many of you realize Malaysia has just received this update recently. If you’re an ecommerce player, this is the best time to take full advantage of this feature and outrank your competitors in the Google Search Engine Result page.

Terms and Conditions

  • Startup and minimum 3 months subscription.
  • Service charge start from RM2000 per month.
  • Two weeks will have 1 time progress.
  • Proposal will be provide after one hour introduction meeting.
  • We will help on project analyzing and planning.

Addon Services

For any add-on service request, please check at our General Support page for available options. Otherwise, please feel free to Contact Us. Terms & conditions apply.